The Cadbury Dairy Milk Glass & a Half Project joins hands with Mikhulu Trust to distribute picture books to children.

The Mikhulu Trust is excited to partner with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Glass & a Half Project to raise R1-million worth of educational toys, books and games, for orphaned and vulnerable children across South Africa. As a partner, our specially-designed and locally-illustrated books will be distributed to children’s homes where book-sharing is most needed.

Lockdown has been particularly difficult for children living in care across South Africa as their access to education, volunteers and extra mural activities has been curbed. In response, a portion of the sales of specially wrapped Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates will fund educational toys, books and games for these special children. These gifts include Mikhulu’s wordless picture-books.

The Mikhulu Trust has been involved in several academic research projects that prove the deep impact and importance of book-sharing with children from a young age. Children between the ages of zero and six show important neurological, linguistic and emotional developments if they book-share regularly with caregivers.

What is special about Mikhulu’s books?

Book-sharing is about actively sharing wordless picture books with young children: it is a two-way interaction. It is about having a conversation with the child, sparked by the images seen in the books. Our books are designed by experts and are illustrated by local South African illustrators, ensuring their relevance to the people using them. Using wordless picture books is important because:

  • Caregivers can share these books with children regardless of their language or education,
  • The wordless nature of books encourages interactive conversations between adult and child, which increases the child’s emotional understanding of the world and improves concentration and,
  • Book-sharing has been found to deepen and improve the adult-child bond.

How do people get involved in the Cadbury Dairy Milk Glass & a Half Project

It is a pretty sweet donation; all you have to do is pop a few of the specially-designed Cadbury Dairy Milk bars into your shopping trolley!

Further information and contacts

For more information on Mikhulu Trust, visit us at, or contact Kaathima Ebrahim (Director) on

For more information on Cadbury’s campaign, follow @CadburyDairyMilkSA on Facebook or @CadburyDairyMilk_SA on Twitter and Instagram and #GlassAndAHalf.


To download this book, and others, visit our #LockDownBookShare page.

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